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Car Hauling Dispatching

Provided by experts who understand the life of a car hauler

Finding cars to haul can be a challenging task, especially if you are just starting out. As an owner-operator or a small fleet owner, your goal is to maximize your profitability and make your business grow.​

If you are a hard-working owner-operator or small fleet owner and are looking to make sure your truck stays loaded and keeping you on the best routes in the United States CALL US TODAY.

Our team of professional truck dispatchers is made up of people with extensive experience in logistics, auto shipping, accounting, and customer service. We provide truck dispatching services only for car loads and auto carriers. This way you can rest assured you will get the best loads, you will get professional advice about car hauling industry, you will deliver faster and safer, you will make more money, you will get paid easy and quick, so you can really grow your auto transport business.

Our truck dispatching service includes:

  • Finding loads for your car hauler
  • Matching loads with the driver’s unique needs
  • Coordinating the movement of the truck (making calls to schedule pickup/deliveries, managing weather delays; handling issues)
  • Route planning & optimizing
  • Maintaining law compliance
  • Providing customer care
  • Handling paperwork

High carrying capacity is welcomed (5 car minimum).

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