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Expert Solutions for Your Car Hauling Business

Grow Your Business

Choose the best solution for your auto transport business.

Run under our authority

We are a reliable auto carrier company, working with all major brokers and having good relations established with brokers/shippers, you have access to our full database of loads.

Run under own authority

We work as back office for your already established company, we manage your accounting and invoices, set up broker/shipper accounts, maintain your company’s good relations with brokers/shipper, maintain your Central Dispatch good rating.

Run as a company driver

Salary up to 33% from gross. Friendly and professional team, dedicated to find solutions that make your work less stressful, efficient and profitable.

We buy new trucks for good guys

Want to become a car hauler with bad ass looking stinger?
We are here to help! We have lease to buy option available for the right person.

We can buy top of the line customized truck and you can start working as an owner operator right away
We give you the deal as we take it from the dealer with no $ or % interest on top.
We make our money on the dispatch service which is 10% from the gross, you as an owner operator take 90%.


  • You run under our authority with access to full database of loads;
  • You take our interest rate from the bank;
  • You benefit from the low insurance rate which is a big deal in the industry;
  • After the truck is paid off, you receive the title.

We're Here For You 24/7

We are a hard-working team committed to providing a complete auto dispatch service, focused on:

Finding the best paying loads
Smart Route planning & 24/7 Assistance
Respect for the Owner Operators’ unique needs
Honesty and ease of work
Fast response to requests

Professional Car Hauling Services

Finding the best paying loads

Our focus is to find the best paying loads, based on your unique demands. Your dedicated agent will keep you on the road, fully loaded and moving on whatever route you choose, with comfort and with ease.

Route Planning & Optimizing

You will simply love our route planning & communication service. We truly care about you and will assist from A to Z and back, being available 24/7, with a kind attitude and always on time.

Paperwork, Factoring & Accounting

We take care  of all your paperwork and compliance to all the laws. We make weekly payments and help owner operators run their operation like a business and eliminate the worry over taxes with a  professional accounting service.

About Us

We are a leading privately owned logistics company established in Colorado and we provide customized auto dispatch solutions to owner-operators and fleet owners around the United States.

AutoDispatchers is a dedicated unit operated by AG Logistics LLC, designed to help Car Hauling Owner-Operators grow their business.

After more than 10 years in logistics, customer care and car hauling we have decided to use our expertise to provide a better and faster service for owner-operators and small fleet owners.

Our mission is to deliver more than expected. We go the extra mile so that all our partners are happy and feel they are a part of a great team.

We are a hard-working team committed to providing a complete auto dispatch service.

If you are looking for a competent, reliable and flexible business partner, AutoDispatchers is the right choice for you.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (720) 717-1855

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Killarney Way

Aurora, CO 80013

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